The sea exists within contradictory concepts in human culture; powerful but serene, beautiful but terrifying. While it is the gentle background of our lives in Izmir, it is the foreground of DEEP BLUE.


What started as  individualized sets of knowledge from artists and scientists became an active ground for debates, experiments and research trips. The point of departure was to explore the sea using all five senses. After six weeks of collaborative research, the team found entirely new ways of engaging with the Izmir bay. The resulting installation of synthesized experiences includes a special edition of salted chocolate, article about jellyfish (Aurelia Aurita), coastal area photography, visual records of seismic and sonic maps, and microscopic and underwater recordings.


Deep blue team:

Robertina Šebjanič (artist, researcher and leading conceptualist/methodolog of the group)

Assoc.Prof.Dr Guzel Yucel Gier ( scientific consultant)

M. Sc. Betül Bardakcı (biologist / leading science researcher of the group)

Süleyman Duman (artist, photographer)

Research Assitant. Can EYTEMİZ (geophysical engineer)

Onur Koc (artist – photographer and video documentation)

Mutlu Kurtbas (artist – underwater video and photos)

Uğur Engin Deniz (new media artist – video mapping)

Cansu Çakar (artist – drawing)


Special thanks to:

Ipeksi Tatlar – Ipek Yatmaz (chocolate execution), http://ipeksi-tatlar.blogspot.com.tr/

Institute of Marine science and tehnologies, http://imst.deu.edu.tr/

Çağıl Şeker (sound master & mixing)

Heather Layton (text revision and proofreading)

Ertugrul, Etem, Saša, Aysegul







Robertina Sebjanič

Robertina Šebjanič / based in Ljubljana is an artist and cultural facilitator / In her art practice she is interested in humanist and natural science in the context of Living systems ( Bio-Art), AV performances and installations. The context for her ideas and concepts is often realized in collaboration with other authors, and thus through interdisciplinary and informal integration embodies in her work. http://wiki.ljudmila.org/Uporabnik:Robertina

She studied at Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana (SI), as well as at the Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg (SE).

She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions as well as in international festivals.//Liwoli_Linz, Gallery Kapelica_Ljubljana, Prima Gallery_Berlin, Gallery SC_Zagreb, Netaudio festival_London, Likovni salon Gallery_Celje. Gallery Akatraz_Ljubljana, Paraflows_Vienna, Haip_Ljubljana, Amber_Istanbul, The Museum of contemporary art of Vojvodina_Novi Sad, Gallery KiBela-Kibla_Maribor, SCCA_Ljubljana etc..

In 2012 she organized Interactivos?’12 Ljubljana: Obsolete Technologies of the Future at LJUDMILA digital media lab in Ljubljana where she was between 2008 and 2012 project manager of art and educational activities. Since 2013 she is a mission and programme developer at Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies – KSEVT http://www.ksevt.eu/

Since 2011 she is a member of Theremidi Orchestra http://wiki.ljudmila.org/Theremidi_Orchestra

She is member of BioTechna lab and HackteriaLab. 

Süleyman Duman

Born in 1984, Kirikkale. He lives in Izmir. He completed his bachelor degree at Department of Photography, Faculty of Fine Arts, Dokuz Eylul University. He worked as photography editor to Izmir Culture and Turism Magazine. Working mutlidisiplinary, the artist does research and creates projects on conceptual art and photography.

Süleyman Duman

Güzel Yücel Gier

Born in 1960, London, England; Güzel YUCEL GIER completed her bachelor degree at Hacettepe University, Turkey in 1982. She received her Msc at Caen University, France in 1985, and her Phd. at Istanbul University, Turkey in 1998. Specialized on aquaculture, she worked in private sector before she became a member of faculty at DokuzEylulUniversity. She participated in many aquaculture projects mostly on EgeanSea and IzmirBay. She was a member of European Aquaculture Soceity between 2003 and 2012, and still a member of Agean Nature Association since 2005. She continues her position at DokuzEylulUniversity as specialist on aquaculture.

Güzel Yücel Gier

Onur Koç

1990, Izmir. Photographer. He completed primary and secondary education in Izmir. He continues his studies at Department of Mechanical Engineering at Dokuz Eylul University. His photography career started when he started university. He still creates photography projects as a member/manager at DEFOT- Dokuz Eylul University Photography Community.

Onur Koç

Betül Bardakçı

Born 1985, in Izmir . She had a bachelor’s degree in Biology, Zoology Option and master of science degree in Biotechnology. While she was a student at the Ph.D program in Bioengineering, she was working in a fish farm as a fish healthcare specialist and executive assistant. After professional fishfarm experiences, she chose herself a career in researching marine life and she started Ph.D program in Living  Sea Resources in  Dokuz Eylül University  Marine Sciences and Technology Department.

Mutlu Kurtbaş

I was born in 1978, Ankara. I have lived in Izmir since 1985. I’ve been diving actively as a diver with PADI certificate since 2005. I came across with photography in 2007 thru IZDOF (Izmir Nature Photographers Soceity) and started taking nature photos. In 2009, I took on underwater photography. I participated in many group exhibitions held by various oraganizations, associations and groups; most importantly “1950-2012 Sualtına Işık Tutanlar” (Illuminators of Underwater 1950-2012) held by Rezan Has Museum. I continue working on underwater photography.

Mutlu Kurtbaş

Can Eytemiz

Born in 1983, in Izmir, Turkey. He has a bachelor’s degree in Geophysic Engineering and master degree in Earthquake Management. He is still studying on pHd degree and conducting academic researches in Marine Geology and Geophysics at Dokuz Eylul University, Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology. He is looking forward to join in multi-disciplinary marine researches to discover the hidden/missing parts of the marine sciences.

Can Eytemiz

Uğur Engin Deniz

Born in İstanbul 1979. He has a bachelor’s degree in physics from METU. He has been working as a freelancer motion graphics artist since 2007. He is particularly interested in new forms of media made possible by contemporary technologies.

Uğur Engin Deniz

Cansu Çakar

Izmir Based artists Cansu Çakar was born 1988, in  Istanbul. She started her academic education in 2006 in Dokuz Eylül University’s Traditional Turkish Arts Department. In 2012 she attended  Moholy – Nagy Arts and Design University to study graphic design, via student exchange. In the meantime, she participated in international symposia and exhibitions to realize her own projects.  She earned her BFA in 2013 and currently runs “Minyatür Atölye” in Kardıçalı.