Sarp Keskiner




The Silvavox project curated by Sarp Keskiner, is made up of two parts: an installation and a performance. The sounds of wooden, animal skin and metal instruments that will be installed in a determined area neighboring the K2 Urla Breathing Room and sounds coming from the mechanism that will randomly play these instruments by means of the wind, will be contributing to the natural soundscape of the forest. Thus, sounds that the flora and fauna generate automatically will be intertwined with those generated by the mechanisms, giving life to an orchestra changing and transforming with every moment.   


In the second part, the Silvavox performance team, consisting of three experimental vocalists and three percussionists and a wind instrumentalist are going to come together on a predetermined date and present a half an hour long improvised concert using the neighboring areas of the installations in the forest as well. This concert is going to contribute to the soundscape of the forest with a third layer obtained from the installations and the forest. It is planned for the performance that is going to be recorded by Assistant Professor Suat Vergili (Dokuz Eylül University Department of Musicology) who is specialized in soundscapes, to be turned into an album in September 2017.



In the project curated by Sarp Keskiner, researcher-musician Savaş Çağman, who is known from the band Saska to those who follow experimental and improvised music, is going to realize a series of street performances where he is going to sing six songs on six locations in the selected urban area for six consecutive days. The locations to be marked with six-piece sets containing Ladino, Armenian, Greek, Turkish and English songs are going to refer to İzmir’s multi-linguistic and multi-cultural musical memory as well as putting forward the deletion, actually the transience, of the codes, languages, songs, memories and signs that are presumed by the residents to exist forever. 


Before each performance, Çağman is going to mark the location in a circular shape with salt, that has been enshrined immemorially. The deletion of the marked area with time is going to be visually documented.