The music projects called "SILVAVOX" and "PIN A SONG" will be realized as part of PORTIZMIR4.




The Silvavox project co-curated by Sarp Keskiner and Aykut Beysi, is made up of two parts: an installation and a performance.

In the first part, the sounds of wooden, animal skin and metal instruments that will be permanently installed in the forestland inside K2 Urla Breathing Room and sounds coming from the mechanism that will randomly play these instruments by means of the wind, will be continuously contributing to the natural soundscape of the forest, beginning from June 22nd, 2017. Thus, sounds that the flora and fauna generate automatically will be intertwined with those generated by the mechanisms, giving life to an orchestra changing and transforming with every moment. Keskiner and Beysi will continue making installations in the land from time to time in the period between June 2017 and March 2018. Thus, the land will continue transforming and being installed; visitors will witness new interventions in different times.   

The second part will be initiated with the one-hour concert of the Noksan Improvisation Collective to take place in the land on Tuesday, July 4th, 2017. The musicians from İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir who make up the first concert team, are spatializing the determined trees in the land; decorating the point they have individually chosen to be positioned only with materials found in the land and joining the performance by popping out of the momentary living space they have set up. The second concert aims to permanently mark the final state of the space. With the second concert to take place in March 2018, the teams aim to add a third layer to the sonic texture created by the soundscape of the forest and the installations.

The performances will be recorded and turned into an album by Kronovox Archives in May 2018. The video-documentary to be directed by Aykut Beysi will be screened as part of the final exhibitions of PORTIZMIR4.


Researcher-musician Savaş Çağman, who is known from the band Saska to those who follow experimental and improvised music, is going to realize a series of street performances where he is going to sing six songs on six locations for six consecutive days in the urban area selected by city planner Özlem Şenyol Kocaer.

In the project to be realized between September 18 and 23, 2017 and curated by Sarp Keskiner, the locations to be marked with six-piece sets containing Ladino, Armenian, Greek, Turkish and English songs are going to refer to İzmir’s multi-linguistic and multi-cultural musical memory before 1922, as well as putting forward the deletion, actually the transience, of the codes, languages, songs, memories and signs that are presumed by the residents to exist forever. 

Before each performance, Çağman is going to mark the location in a circular shape with salt, that has been enshrined immemorially. The video-documentary consisting of performances also referring to the deletion of the marked area with time is going to be screened as part of the final exhibitions of PORTIZMIR4.