“In the trace of nature” Earth Art Practices



Artists who have been inspired by nature in their art since the past have taken part in nature by lifting the distance between nature and the art of the earth. The tendencies in the intervention of the earth and the land have been an important practice in contemporary art, which began in 1960. Earth arts (lands art, eco art, environmental art ..) transforms the earth's surface to canvas and the natural materials (stone, earth, tree etc.) into an artistic language using brush and paint. This trend presents itself in a unique way to the audience with an understanding of the gallery / museum and a rebellion against the capitalist scheme by adopting an environmentalist approach and shaping the wide areas of nature with trees, branches, leaves, stones through a specific concept.

Using the natural environment and its elements (water, stone, wood, branches, earth ...), the earth artist transforms it into an exhibition space that influences people through structural change and a fundamental element of the nature of the change. Some artists take nature in an abstractist approach and strive to transform everything that is seen in nature into artificiality, making sculptures, installations (site-specific studies) in abstract forms, starting from all kinds of natural materials that might come to mind. In this environmentalist approach, artists aim to get to the heart of the essence of nature and they work to understand the functioning and intrinsic nature of living beings in nature in time.

The Global Nomadic Art Project is a project initiated in 2014, which brings together artists and curators working on Nature Art in all over the world developed by YATOO (Korean Association of Nature Artists) established in 1981 in South Korea and is planned to be finished in 2020. These meetings organizes workshops and the workings are documented and exhibited. In 2017,  a meeting is planned in Europe; ,in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Germany, France and Lithuania. Global Nomadic Art Turkey will host this meeting in İzmir with its special position as a region bearing the rich traces of both European and Asian cultures.

In this project, which will take place in İzmir in October in PORTIZMIR4, GNAPİZMİR - 20 national and international artists will participate under the "Trace of Nature" title, culture and nature studies and study trips will be organized in İzmir and its surroundings and daily artistic applications will be made during the tour. In addition to the trips, there will also be practices of earth (nature) art in İnciraltı urban forest - Bahçelerarası district. Students with art education in our universities will be allowed to practice art as assistant to the artists during the practices. The works will be documented with photographs and video footage and a catalog will be created. In the end of the process, all works will be exhibited.


PORTIZMIR4 Contemporary Art Triennial

Global NomadicArt Project Izmir  “in the trace of nature”

GNAP İzmir Director – Varol Topaç



4 - 12 October, 2017 Regional excursions and study areas

• Selçuk - Ephesus Ancient City - Mother Mary's House - Şirince Village - Matemetik, Sanat village

• Çeşme, Ildiri (Eritrai)

• Karaburun

• Seferihisar - Teos - Urla

• Bergama • Izmir center - Kemeralti - Historical Agora - Basmane - Kadifekale - Bird's Paradise, Tuz gölü (Çiğli)

• Bergama

13 -24 October, 2017 Global Nomadic Art Project in Izmir

GNAPİZmir working area

İzmir city forest – İnciraltı

• 17 international artists

• 13 National artists


1. Rumen Dimitrov - Bulgaria 

2. Eung Wo Ri - South Korea 

3. Ko Seunghyun - South Korea 

4. Kang Heejoon - South Korea

5. Karen Macher Nesta - Peru 

6. Kaiqin Chang - China

7. Marcia De Bernardo - Brasil

8. Marc Schmitz - Germany 

9. Dolgor Ser-Od - Mongolia 

10. Atefeh Khas - Iran  

11. Fereshte Zamani - Iran 

12. Zbys Kaczmareck - South Africa

13. Janet Ranson - South Africa 

14. Yutaka Tamiya - Japan

15. Emanuela Camacci - Italy

16. Katharina Sommer - Germany

17. Paul Danker Duyvis - The Netherlands 

18. Aysun Altunöz Yonuk - Turkey

19. Sevgi Avcı - Turkey

20. Ayhan Özer - Turkey

21. Alper Aydın - Turkey

22. Sema Okan Topaç - Turkey

23. Ünal Kuş - Turkey

24. Esra Ertuğrul - Turkey

25. Oktay Değirmenci - Turkey

26. Buse Mutan - Turkey

27. Tuğçe Aytürk - Turkey

28. Onur Fındık – Turkey

29. Varol Topaç - Turkey

30. Refa Emrali -  Turkey


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