The EVOLVING projects to be realized between March 21 and April 10, 2018 in public spaces are going to be formed with the participation of Izmirian, Turkish and international artists in the coordination of Necmi Sönmez. The projects, of which the majority is going to be developed on wheels, in a mobile and flexible model, aim to bring the various forms of creative thought up for discussion by removing the boundaries between the audience and the participant.





New positions and questions on the relationship between contemporary art, urbanism, activism and the public


April 2nd – April 8th, 2018


K2 Contemporary Art Center


Galerie A, Izmir

Public space in and around Izmir


Ways of Action:

Performances, mobile public-art-projects, discussions, web-based projects, film screenings, artist books, poetry readings and exhibition




:mentalKLINIK, (Yasemin Baydar, Birol Demir) Brüksel-Istanbul

Rafet Arslan, İstanbul

Oruç Aruoba, İzmir,

Zeynep Beler, İstanbul

Cansu Çakar, İzmir

Ali M. Demirel, Berlin

Ersan Deveci, İzmir

Burak Dikilitaş, İzmir

Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, Beirut & Paris

Sibel Horada, İstanbul

Claus Föttinger, Düsseldorf

Murat Germen, İstanbul

Evrim Kavcar, İstanbul

Füsun Onur, İstanbul

Ortadoğu Kollektifi (Ali Ünal, Fırat İtmeç)

Hamza Rüstem, İzmir

Serdar Sönmez, İzmir

Merey Şenocak, Izmir


Curator: Dr. Necmi Sönmez, Düsseldorf

At a time when political issues have become omnipresent in public space, becoming more important for society, the project EVRİM/EVOLVE seeks to examine the current state of contemporary image making and ways of political and poetical reflections. Deliberately located outside of white cube, it questions the public in itself and current forms of being public. What are its current formats, how does it look today? What conditions or requirements are implied in the word “public”? How has the democratic idea of the public changed in the current context of a strictly economically organized society? Does the public still consist in its common space? Where can we find opposition, spaces of rest or the counter bearing of intimacy given the totality of public life in social media, networks and data archives?

As integral part of the fourth edition of 4th Portİzmir Triennial the projects EVRİM/EVOLVE raises these questions in conversation with remarkable artistic positions. It offers a look into a future that also appears pressured by the ever-present avant-garde archive, backwards glances and repeated modernist discourses.