“K2 Urla Breathing Room”: Master Plan

K2 Urla Breathing Room is an imagined artist’s community designed for Kuscular, Urla, Izmir in Turke [...]

“K2 Urla Breathing Room” Natural Landscape

Garden Historian and Landscape Designer Jean-Luc Maeso is going to integrate the architecture and ec [...]

Ecological Agriculture

The agricultural areas specified in “K2 Urla Breathing Room”, the master plan of the land in the arc [...]

The Mirror Image of “K2 Urla Breathing Room” in the City

City Planner Özlem Şenyol Kocaer and her team will organize the workshop places and implementation p [...]

Music Projects

The music projects called "SILVAVOX" and "PIN A SONG" will be realized as part of PORTIZMIR4.

The Audio Map and Inventory of Izmir

The project of Composer Mehmet Can Özer, “The Audio- Map of Izmir” aims to record the sounds relate [...]


This documentary oral history project places Urla's surrounding landscape at the center and attempts [...]


The project of Quatuor Elementa, directed by Simber Atay, was shaped according to the calendar of t [...]

Truth and Mythos: Country/ Rural

This project to be implemented by Architect/ Author Emel Kayın aims to examine stories, concepts, fa [...]

PORTIZMIR4 – EX VOTO Postcard Series

The “Ortadoğu” artist duo formed by Fırat İtmeç and Ali Ünal are going to create a postcard series t [...]

In the Trace of Nature

“In the trace of nature” Earth Art Practices

''TRES COURT'' International Short Film Festival

Simultaneously organized in 30 countries and 90 cities, Tres Court will meet the audience in İzmir. [...]


About Recording Projects: Recording Projects is an interdisciplinary initiative which has a long hi [...]

Art in Public Space: EVRİM/EVOLVE

The EVOLVING projects to be realized between March 21 and April 10, 2018 in public spaces are going [...]

“10 Years Ago, 5 Years Later”

Recent past and future of contemporary art in Izmir 2007 - 2017 " An inventory and exhibition proj [...]


The more one finds the possibility to explore his own body, the more he relaxes, lightens, gets puri [...]

Dressing Nature

“Land Art” is an avant-garde art form that has emerged in the USA in the late 1960s and influenced a [...]

Matters of Energy: The Pyramid

“Matters of Energy” is an ongoing project by Deniz Kurtel, consisting of a series of experiments on [...]