Yaban Bostan



The YABAN BOSTAN is a research and artistic project on the field of sustainable urban agriculture initiated in Izmir by Carmen Bouyer in November 2013. Through the implementation of two experimental gardens in March 2014, the YABAN BOSTAN project explores the positive inputs of growing native, wild and edible plants for local food production in the city. A first garden has been installed in PORT IZMIR 3 Contemporary Triennial building an ancient tobacco factory turned into a wide exhibition space in Konak, a central neighborhood of Izmir. Along with a sound installation and photography work this installation is part of the Triennial’s Field Works presentation exploring Izmir’s ecology. In the mean time, a few blocks away, a twin garden larger in size sprouted on K2 Gallery’s 130m² terrace rooftop. Those two natural environments are inspired by the fertile patterns of forests, they show different levels of trees, bushes, climbing plants, herbs, vegetables merge in an harmonious yet wild way. 

The trees and plants brought together during the Triennial’s adventure will keep living on K2 rooftop terrace. The building inhabitants will be welcome to enjoy watching the sky while eating edible greens, fresh fruits or drinking tea infused with native herbs. The garden wishes to inspire them by being in contact with this so lively and beautiful natural heritage.


The YABAN BOSTAN project was runned by Carmen Bouyer in collaboration with:

Aysenur Arslanoglu, Co-founder of Slow Food Youth Istanbul

Murat and Selen Akhuy, from Marmaric community and members of the Permaculture Research Institute of Turkey

Emre Cakir, Photographer and filmmaker

Özlem Cevik, Professor of Archeology at Trakya University, Edirne

Yunus Dogan, Professor in Biology at Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir

Volkan Erolu, Assistant professor at Ege University, Izmir

Serdar Gokhan, Professor in Botany at Ege University, Izmir

Isabelle Levêque, Landscape designer and garden historial

Anil Oktem, Architect

Hakan Sanmez, Biologist

Deniz Ucok, Co-founder of Permablitz Istanbul

Ugur Uygun, Photographer and filmmaker

Nezaket Tekin, Instructor in the Photography Department at Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir

Ugur Yanik, Photographer and filmmaker

With a special support from The French Cultural Center in Izmir. In the frame of their program «Habiter, Construire,

Preserver: Questions des villes 2014» on Izmir’s biodiversity preservation, April 12th – April 16th.

A great thanks to K2 gallery’s team.