Slow Design





Remembering that the notion “slow” refers to the concept of “quality” , rather than to the “time” itself, the real meaning of slow can then be defined as the biological rhythm of life which is inherent in nature.

In relation to the body , slowing down refers to keeping the biological cycle of the body. It is about: honoring the body, prioritizing wellness and self-care in a way to create ethics of care, keeping the bio-rhythm of the body, enjoying your body, enjoying the self , and having pleasure about being you and inspiring the others to do that; bringing it into collective and social experience, appreciation of the body as it is, respecting the processes of ageing and imperfections, empowering the body for a better self; better you! Respecting the intimacy of the body; instead of feeling shame, being proud of it! Freeing the body from the constructed social, cultural and political boundaries – resisting against social control over the body, that is, against the bio-political body, with a sense of solidarity,re-identifying the body in unity with mind and spirit, re-positioning the body in between personal and collective memories and the dreams for a better self, for a better future in a way to generate intergenerational equity. Our field work, then, will explore the possibilities of reconstructing and reinterpreting the body cycle in terms of relationship of the body to our mother earth. In this relation the body is both the taker and the giver .

The movement of slow design in relation to Body/Clothing/Memory will be explored by five women artists in an interdisciplinary frame: Şölen Kipöz ( fashion theorist and designer), Mine Ovacık ( industrial designer) and Oloop Design (Jasminka Fercek, Tjasa Bavcon and Katja Burger, visual artists and textile designers) .

In search for and listening to the biological cycle of the body in relation to earth, the artists will concentrate and produce upon the concepts of productivity, fertility, fragility and strength of female body.