Dar (Alan) Art Group - We Need To Talk!




Dar(alan) Art Group has come together within the context of Field Works of PORTIZMIR3. Since March 2013, 12 students and 2 coordinators from Dokuz Eylül University’s Faculty of Fine Arts have held weekly meetings at K2 Artist’s Residence in Alsancak, İzmir. These meetings will end after each one of the participating artists exhibit their works. The dual meaning of the term “dar alan” (dar-alan: narrow-space; daralan: one who is bored, dreary) helps defining ourselves: we are individuals in a narrow space / bored with; for example; art training, political agenda, economic problems,however, who can change this boredom into productive endeavors. Other than this, most of us are working or/and  being trained in various art fields. We came together to interpret and debate over art and political agenda in the context of İzmir. We wanted to transform Words to Things. During the weekly meetings, we aimed at developing a culture of work and an exchange of ideas so that they would become collective. To this end, we performed readings, asked questions, searched for answers, watched films. We designated the K2 Artists’Residence, an old Greek house we describe as “Narrow-space”, as our space for debate and production. Some of our friends focused on reviving and reinterpreting the memory of this house and its district. The Greek house is in a socially and culturally strategic location. Sometimes, the spirit of this region has determined the subject matter of the weekly meetings. Some of our friends have utilized the rooms of the house as their workshops. In spite of being a collective, our production and presentations are individual. The documents and photographs of the group can be reached from