PORTIZMIR International Contemporary Art Triennial is organized by K2 Contemporary Art Center. K2 is a non governmental organization which has been active in Izmir since 2003. With the PORTIZMIR projects, it aims to mobilise the art and culture dynamics of the city of Izmir and bring art together with a wider audience via the international contemporary art platform.  

The first PORTIZMIR was curated by Emmy De Martelaere in 2007 under the title of “Mirage and Desire”, while the second was curated by Dr. Necmi Sönmez in 2010 with the theme  “Storm_Silence”. PORTIZMIR3 curated by Saša Nabergoj between 2013-2014 was titled “It's Enough!”

It has been decided for the fourth PORTIZMIR which is going to be organized in 2017-2018 with the title "Breath" to take place entirely in the form of field works. This time, it is aimed to offer solutions to the problems highlighted in PORTIZMIR3. PORTIZMIR4, with the “constructed environment attached to nature, nature attached to constructed environment” approach, aims to create a breathing zone by touching the creative potential of the city of Izmir, through international projects in various art disciplines concerned in making the process visible.